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If you are here for my production portfolio site, it has been moved to Please update your bookmarks. 

What is

Open Letter to all Readers and Vendors:

My name is Uryaen. I am a linguist, grammarian, former full contact martial artist, video game designer and player, Cedia Level home theater enthusiast, A/V calibration expert, trained auto salesman, and now, an author of a very unique hardware/software/media evaluation platform.

Ryan 2012



This site is a full function testing lab, and our primary focus is on high end PC gaming hardware and related media. Evaluations will be reasonably thorough, but not so much so as to become boring. This site is meant to be a companion to my YouTube Channel, and a standalone "Evaluation" Site. My contributing editors and I will be publishing extended evaluations of a wide variety of consumer and professional products, as well as full resolution video. 

What we will be evaluating

Computer and Console games, Computer and Console hardware, Home Theater equipment, Blu Ray movies, mobile devices, and high end toys such as 1/6 scale figures, high end professional photography equipment, and anything else appropriate to this audience. On occasion we will feature low cost but quality toys and hardware as appropriate. 

What we will not be evaluating

Regular DVDs, most mobile games, phones, and other assorted consumer electronics for the most part. Why? While our vendor relations build over time, we need to keep the focus on things which will be of interest to the widest audience.

Why Uryaen?

High Integrity, high quality content, usually with a unique viewpoint, and all original photography and videos. 

Uryaen is a premier Technology and Gaming expert.

Qualifications include:

  • Photography for clients such as Siegfried & Roy, Mattel, and many others
  • Experience with video game designtrading card game design, web design, and software development.
  • Experience in product evaluation, with an emphasis on technology such as computer parts.
  • Published writer since 1989, with articles in national print magazines as recently as 2010. ( HD3D article in GameFan Magazine, PDF available )
  • Photography, videography, visual effects ( movies ) and photo and video post production.
  • Recognized expert and contributor to the toy industry, with a line of custom Nerf Guns on a separate blog with 57k views and my own entry on the worlds most viewed toy blog. ( With maybe a surprise coming for that industry as well . . . )
  • For a real world view of my varied abilities, look no further than, or is a "next generation" professional evaluation platform, tech news site, and commentary outlet, featuring:

  • Extensible and sophisticated UI
  • One of the most beautiful and liquid looking sites ever seen for a "review site"
  • Evaluations of many geek culture standards, backed by many of the vendors themselves
  • Exclusive Previews
  • Extensive Commentary on PC, Console, Home Theater, Toys, and Pop Culture
  • Full HD videos hosted on YouTube
  • Extensive HD Image Galleries
  • Built in Commenting support using Disqus
  • ONLY original high quality content. 
  • "Like" and share articles using Facebook

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy.

- Uryaen