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I have a large number of projects in the pipeline, some of which I can talk about publicly, but the big ones, I can't yet. That said, here is a preview of what is coming, and where we're at with the production timelines.

Short Films


Little girl alone in her room talks to no one in particular until an unheard voice begins to question her, lead her, and manipulate her.  


Young lady alone at home when a walking dead apocalypse breaks out hides in a closet for weeks, and only emerges when she is sure she is safe. Or is she?


“Cooking with Julieanne” is an online cooking show featuring the hottest new celebrity chef. Each week, she has a special guest, and a dark secret.


A young man discovers a long lost sister after she comes to live with him. His feelings for her turn from curiosity to confusion to obsession.


Two women, both suffering the PTSD of abuse, go into business together.  Can they work together without scaring each other to death?


A Plastic Gun modder discovers a process for making toy guns lethal. To support her sister, she creates weapons for hitmen and is hunted by the FBI.


A young boy is discovered as the mastermind of a child based assassination cult. To discover his motives, a book with an ancient language must be decoded.


SynthBaby is the hottest new biotech product. Bio Ethicist John-Paul Douglas investigates and what he discovers could change humanity forever.


A father loses his family to a drunk driver and unable to cope eventually turns to an artificial companion he names HOPE.


The above are the short films I intend to produce in the nearterm. If you're interested, I would like to produce all nine together as a package, with extensive BTS materials, but this will require funding. If you want to be involved, let me know. 

Feature Films

Feature Trilogy 1 

( Sci-Fi/Thriller/Drama - Exists as: Full treatment, ready to be formatted into script ) - I know, that's vague, but I have to be from here out to protect my more valuable IPs. Think Blade Runner/Shadowrun/Matrix for look and feel, but very "street level". Explores a LOT of themes, including Morality, Corruption, and even Identity. The entire "story form" for the first film is complete, and is in treatment form. Concepts for the sequels are established. 

Feature Trilogy 2 

( Sci-Fi/Adventure/Drama - Exists as: Full treatment, ready to be formatted into script and has EXTENSIVE character and setting notes, nearly a novel worth ) - A bit more lighthearted and family friendly than most of my work, and would require a much higher budget than most independent films, but the payoff would be extensive in merchandising and video game tie in possibilities. Could be a VERY GOOD candidate for shooting in full 360 video. I am one of the first people in the world who was shooting 360 stills in 1997 when Apple came out with Quicktime VR. More on that later. The entire "story form" for the first film is complete, and is in treatment form. Concepts for the sequels are established.

TV Series

Series 1

I'm not announcing any details about the show yet except to say this. The entire 65 episode series is story formed and exists as titles and synopses. The main character is female. The genre mix has NEVER been done before, nor has the exact setting EVER been used before. Every detail down to the complete budget is complete and ready to go into pre-production. If you are someone or know someone who can fund a series, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Series 2

Yes, an entire second series is deep in development. Series 1 is pretty much ENTIRELY complete and ready to go into immediate production, so while I am working on funding for that, I am developing a second, unrelated series. All I will say at this point is that it is a near future alternate history grounded firmly in reality, and is not sci-fi or fantasy in any form. The most intense and mature audience of my properties. 

What's next? 

What? That's not enough? There's enough material up there to keep me busy for an entire career, and that's just the beginning. I create new concepts all the time, and if somehow all of that gets made/sold, I'll just make more. 

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