ENTERBAY Che Guevara

UPDATE: As Enterbay has so kindly linked to this review on their Facebook page, I have decided to expand my coverage of Che. Look for exclusive images to come either during or after Comic Con. I promise they'll be amazing!

See the new video review embedded at the bottom.

1/6 scale Figure reviews are new to uryaen.com but are a staple of content moving forward. First I released Babydoll last week, and now ENTERBAY weighs in with Che Guevara. 

Figure acquired Direct from ENTERBAY for this review. 

1/6 Scale?

If you’re an avid 1/6 collector, skip this section.

1/6 scale ( pronounced “one sixth scale” ) is a format of collectible figure referring to a figure that is literally, or more accurately “approximately” 1/6th the size it would be in full scale. So if a person is 6 feet tall, they would be 12” in 1/6 scale. Therefore, most of these figures are around 12” tall. Some are taller or shorter than they should be in order to accommodate the format expectations.

A huge amount of R&D goes into each figure, from sculpting to tailoring to painting. No matter how you feel about the subject matter, each of these is a remarkable work of art.

How Scoring Works for this format

The expected conventions for High End collectible readers are quite different from the ones I use on uryaen.com.  In this series, I will combine the format that people expect to see in the places where my work is republished, and I will add my particular touch to the process for here on uryaen.com.

Packaging - ****

I mentioned last week that packaging was one of the areas where HOT TOYS Babydoll disappointed. Really one of the only minor nits, but I'm a huge aesthete and this is something that is important to me. 

ENTERBAY has really come through on their packaging. Che arrived direct from Enterbay PR in a thick outer box for his international trip, and inside this was a plastic bag and finally, inside all that, the thick, sturdy box of the figure itself. 

The box is a magnetic clamshell style, and like any good collectible box, has embossed text and imagery on the front. The color scheme is a stylish and classy red and black, which is an obvious nod but we're going to skip by that for the moment. 

When you open the flap, which isn't just a one layer flimsy piece of cardboard, but a fully cored and wrapped panel, the box slides smoothly apart into two sections. The sliding action is extremely satisfying and really shows some care in designing it. 

On the left is the only nit I have about the packaging. The stand, some of the clothing, and the accessories are all mounted in a plastic retainer. This retainer is sturdier than the one HOT TOYS uses. However, the way they designed it, it sits low in the box and it's hard to get it out. They have an indent in the plastic, but it doesn't really help. That said, everything arrived in perfect shape, and looked beautiful. 

This figure retails at $220 and for that, you get a high quality array of accessories, if a bit on the small side for each. I'm happy with the value due to the overall quality of the presentation however. 

On the other side sits a thick foam cover. You know without even removing it that something special hides under there, and sure enough, upon removing the foam insert Che is standing tall in a fully cut out foam bed. He's surrounded on all sides by foam. The foam is high quality and doesn't stick to the figure nor does it inhibit his removal. 

Putting him away is easy and seamless. He only came with a few small pieces of protective plastic, and is ready for display immediately. 

Sculpting - ***1/2

Sculpting is hard to judge on this particular figure. Modern movies have ULTRA high resolution stills we can look at to see the performer, but Che is a real person from a while back in history. There aren't any modern, digital images of him. The sculpt is extremely high quality, with about the same level of detail on the face as Babydoll. There is a very definite difference in tonal quality between his face and the rest of his body, which is much lighter in color. 

As you know, ALL images I take are color profiled exactly. I use an X Rite chart to map the color profile and white balance. Compare my images to others, and you'll see a huge difference in color grade quality. What you see, assuming that your monitor is likewise profiled, is exactly what you get. 

This is also a pretty minor nit. The face is very human, for lack of a more appropriate term. The sculptor and painter did an excellent job interpreting existing and mostly black and white images, and the color cast on the face is very warm, which lends well to humanizing the portrait.

Paint - ****

Paint is a little easier to judge. It either looks good or it does not. There is not a single flaw in this paint job. Feel free to load up the full size images at Flickr. The paint is outstanding. I have nothing more to say!

Articulation - ****

In my first 1/6 review, I mentioned that Babydoll had some limitations in articulation, specifically that her arms couldn't raise above level, and that her ankles are weak. Both are true. Che can raise his arms up high, as seen here:

He can assume a variety of interesting and realistic poses, and feels more solid, his various joints ratcheting into place perfectly. 

His boots allow him to stand highly stable without using the included stand. Hands come out of the arm a little more easily than Babydoll, and changing the wrist post is smoother as well. 

His arms hold tight center positions quite easily. This is a quality body, and I am looking forward to seeing the new female bodies that ENTERBAY is working on for release late this year. 

Accessories - ***1/2

I mentioned earlier that Che comes with a variety of small accessories, and this is true. You don't need a big ticket item. Let's have a look:

Part Outfit thing, Part Accessory, his gun belt with ALICE mounts comes off very easily but stays on firmly. This makes it easy to change the look around and is a welcome addition. 

His camera has a removable lens, although I'm not sure why. You can move the film advance lever, which IS cool. On mine the strap on one side came loose, but I was able to slide it back on easily. The strap also feels like leather, and might be. 

His gun is interesting. It's not as detailed as the one Babydoll came with but the slide actually moves, whereas hers did not. That makes it kind of a wash. Both are fantastic for different reasons. 

The rest is what we'd expect: a small watch, cigar, extra beret, another gun with clip, and extra hands. All of it high quality stuff. 

Outfit - ***1/2

I'll tell you right now, I'm in LOVE with his jacket. It's just about the coolest thing ever. It feels like real leather, is lined, and has a functional zipper. It sits perfectly on him, and just adds so much more value to the figure than you expect. It doesn’t look goofy or oversized the way jackets looked a few years ago. The jacket alone almost makes him four star.

The rest of the outfit is a basic BDU and boots, and that's fine. That's all he needs. There are additional outfit options, but I was not sent these, so I can't comment on their quality. 

Fun Factor - ****

If fun is playing with something actively, you’re looking at the wrong review. If fun is posing a quality figure in movie/life accurate poses for your shelf, it doesn’t get any better. He's sturdier than many 1/6s I've seen, and while I'm not going to comment on the man himself, his figure is a great addition to any 1/6 collection. 

Value - ***1/2

I've said it already but these guys are getting pricier every year. The quality is rising as well, so it's fine, but unless you're a fan of Che, or history, or just want an awesome figure to fill out your shelf, you might not "get it" and that's fine. 

If you've never bought a 1/6 figure before, this is a great way to get into the hobby. He's sturdy enough for a first timer, and striking enough in person to elicit response from visitors. 

Things to Watch Out For 

The strap on the camera is a bit delicate, but that's the only thing. 

Overall - ***3/4

The combination of first rate packaging, sensible and quality accessories, a rock stable base body and top notch paint and sculpting come together in one of the most coherent 1/6 presentations I've seen. 

Next up: What's next from ENTERBAY? I probably won't be seeing Agents K and J, but 1/4 T 800 is still out there, so maybe that? Rambo? Not sure, but I can say that I have extra renewed enthusiasm for ENTERBAY. 


This figure was sent direct from ENTERBAY for the purpose of review, and is a release figure. 

I've been in communication with ENTERBAY for a while now, and they are quick to respond, and have demonstrated no reason for me to be on alert about them. 

Figure was shipped international post, and arrived before I thought he would. 


Not applicable in this case, but keep an eye on these reviews.


Stay tuned as I add additional images for the review and for the publication of an exclusive version of this review on www.mwctoys.com along with the reprint of my Babydoll review.  

Comic Con is taking place this week, and I anticipate announcements from ENTERBAY. What will my next review be? I have ideas, but it’s up to them. Enjoy the images, and thank you for reading. 


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