About ten years ago, I started modding and painting Nerf blasters. I became known for it worldwide, and have shipped blasters to every major country in the world. 

I retired from doing it about 2010 and for the most part have not maintained nor updated my old blogger site. If you came here from there, you will see a lot of my older work. I now do professional photography, as you will see with the rest of this site.

Nearly ten years after I first launched that blog and started selling modded and painted blasters, I STILL get inquiries from you guys, and for a while, I turned them down, but you just keep asking.

With amazing new blasters like RIVALs, MEGAs, the new Accustrike ammo and the new stuff coming in 2017 I can no longer resist. 
I no longer maintain or update that blog. I am now a professional photographer, but I still do blasters. So visit my work here at this permanent url
To see the latest content and to order custom projects. Pricing will be on a per project basis from this point forward because there are just too many different blaster/mod/paint configurations to create a flat rate pricing structure. 
There isn't much to see here right now, but I'm working on four blasters right now, and will post images soon. As I get new orders I will do photo shoots with them, and post them here. 
See you there, and if you need professional photography for your business while we're at it, that's what I do now. 
- Ryan

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